We are a full-service interior design firm, committed to provide the best our collective minds have to offer: innovation, collaboration, creativity, vision, and strategy. We focus on design concept-to-completion for luxury residential, hospitality and commercial projects. We pride on giving our clients the best performance and excellence in design. Together, we strive to bring to life your imagination and lifestyle.

Company Ownership, the owners of Lacewood Design firm are Hadi S Pirono (President Director) and Andriany Pirono (Partner).

 Services, On-site Consultations : Convenient consultations for busy homeowners and professionals are offered at the home or office. The consultation will include all necessary product samples for clients for review, thus eliminating the hassle of having to visit numerous stores for different products.

Project Survey and Analysis : Each site is inspected for its layout and function. In-depth client interviews are conducted to determine all necessary requirements for the project. This information is then analyzed for design concepts and space planning.

Design Concepts :The design concept can begin with a treasured piece of fabric or furniture, or simply a blank page. The goal is to attain the "look" and "feel" a client wants, from "light and airy" to "rich and elegant" to "comfortable and cozy." Each project develops its own flavor from the unique selection of fabrics, furniture, and finishes.

Finishes and Furnishings :There are many factors to consider when selecting furniture and finishes. Lacewood Design's expertise and guidance helps clients make the best selections for their needs. Creativity is also applied in the selection process to create the desired look.

Purchasing, Delivery and Installations : Custom furniture, built-ins, and window treatments are also available through the talents of Lacewood Design. Detailed drawings are prepared to help clients visualize the finished piece.

Project Coordination and Management : Some projects require a certain sequence of installation for maximizing results. Lacewood Design coordinate all aspects of these projects to ensure smooth transitions from each phase until project completion.

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